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1 result Results A weekend “philosophy” of the PACA Frem …

Admit it, a secret joy accompanied you to read these bits of dreams of children, as if you ended this gift of innocence and ingenuity that is the sign of all true happiness. And all of you who are wary of dreams and who stand on guard whenever he offers his temptations, however, you have fun listening prestigious fabrications of your children came compensation mandatory hardness of your daily existence. But the poet and dreamer child goes quickly to the image of the adult world.

Farewell clear hours of kindergarten! farewell the ineffable presence of the mistress! farewell for lost time! “At large” is not unlimited in this fervor of improvisation that is va- evolve, but in the rigor of a school for “reporting”. You learn to better read, better count homework is done, sheets is printed, and my faith, even one is happy all of the high class, especially if it is “modern” with the freedom that flows around tables, between the open window and makes a great teacher, a good friend.

It is certainly not that this need for enchantment is now forever extinguished in children became exam candidate. We rediscovered in tales and poems we know pick in modern schools and also, here and there, in all these amazing questions in depth and perspective that are part of our agenda for questions: – How is life -she came to earth? – How was he the first man created? – Life, what is it? is she is in plants? – Is it that can create all the trees that we imagine? – The Milky Way, what is it? – It could always be happy?

When we are sad, where it comes from? – When we have created machines that do everything, what they will do men? – The rich believe that charity is good. Poor people think it’s wrong because it’s not fair; So there are two moral? http://www.icem-freinet.fr/archives/educ/54-55/5/6.pdf <^ 25 students per class Art school (continued)> Author: Elise Freinet Print

In: The Educator For teachers review Arts> Visual Arts Teaching Principles> term-creation in January 1983 http://www.icem-freinet.fr/archives/educ/82-83/7/25-28.pdf Author: Jean Le Gal Print
In: For photo Photo teachers in January 1930 sent by Mr Jean-Pierre Brunet Suris Class 1930. The press is on banc.Un student brandished the school newspaper “Life Surisienne”.

Edward Brunet teacher in Suris, a pioneer of the Freinet movement, is not pictured. deliberate? Author: Edward Brunet
In: The New Educator PEMF For teachers review> Summary March 1997 About the school support Science buckets of water … Opening on the environment and life About the visit of a business in Touch writing cycle I the school cooperative, it is democracy in action Interview with Paulo Freire Senegal: the daughters of the problem About the school support> Print

1 result Results A weekend “philosophy” of the PACA Frem … By Jean-Charles Huver on 27/02/18 – 6:25 p.m. In: Region PACA> GD 04 – Alpes-de-Haute-Provence region PACA> GD 05 – Region Hautes-Alpes PACA> GD 06 – Region Alpes-Maritimes PACA> GD 13 – Bouches-du-Rhone Region PACA> GD 83 – Var PACA region> GD 84 – Vaucluse PACA Region report civics training Day Philosophy life of the cooperative class citizenship teaching techniques> debate Sausset les Pins (13) 17 and February 18, 2018 Each year, the Frem PACA organizes three regional meetings in one of the departments in the region.

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In: The New Educator PEMF For teachers review teaching techniques> Classroom Organization> Opening in March 1997 “Science buckets of water …” or the gap between school and life. … Life is so diverse, says – we, and so changeable that it must, at any time, fix the course if one wants to grasp and explain. better understood the bucket of water the river.

These too subtle relationships that we hardly manage to identify, even us adults, we will isolate, label, classify, align, and we will take when we need it. We risk losing ourselves in this tangle of trails crisscrossing the plain we will put signs everywhere to be able to guide us.

Operation that will not exceptionable in itself, if the child went to him – even draw the water buckets to the river, he felt the power of that – one, if he has probed the fascinating mystery if he knows the fluidity, diversity and mobility: if he has seen follow agrestement small grassy channels that carry the freshness in the plain; if he heard rumbling and stormy days pounding the walls of the bank of its load of stones and shapeless trunks that were going adrift. If he felt these aspects of the river, so there is no danger in isolating these buckets, to study, to measure the quality because the mind includes intuitively or scientifically, in the large living alone who matter … …

The school, unfortunately, dares point of these preliminary precautions. She believes useful to hide the child the river of life; she claims to avoid the complexity of a course that is not his age. It brings there in a jealously closed room, far from the banks coveted, these buckets of water she teaches the names, definitions, labels, characteristics, mutual relations, the laws governing their mutual reactions.

She argues at length on the origin, evolution, the process, the teleology of these reports. And the discoveries are made, actually. And we will increasingly separating the words of life, to create a specific jargon, scholastic theories, philosophical concepts that are not wrong in themselves, but are too separated from the course of the river for influence in any way whatsoever.

It is quite school history which we have already spoken, that works the first floor, in a medium, according to standards and for purposes that are not those of life. Hence hiatus, shift, survival of two parallel processes without functional interaction, which is why we can have a school and scholastic philosophy apparently evolved in a chaotic society without … philosophy …

We mefierons of buckets of water and false science which they are the home … … not that this science buckets of water is necessarily useless or even dangerous. It does not deal in it – even the key to social improvement. This key is the ground – to – floor, in the same river, in nature and in life … … Then we can fetch buckets of water and draw on the bank, or even take in an isolated room.

And then we will count and we measure, and we will analyze because it is simple and relaxing to exercise his mind and on pieces of reality, because then it seems to snack this reality, and we find hope through this a practical way to achieve the supreme knowledge and divine power. But we will certainly return as help me with my history homework
often as possible with our buckets to the river, to prevent our trapped water will be corrupted and will take good and bad qualities which are not in his nature.

We plunge our buckets in the current. The discoveries we made in the silence of our laboratory room, we will confront them with the demands of life, if necessary to calibrate and adjust the pace of complex individual and social power.

Science buckets of water then will be really at the service of our culture and of our destiny … extracts Mounting Chapter VI: the individual in the face of progress and culture sensitive C. Freinet II Psychology -Test . Educational music – Volume I – pages 572 to 575. http://www.icem-freinet.fr/archives/ne/ne/87/reperes-87.pdf Author Freinet Print
In: school level> The second degree Educator CEL For teachers review in November 1960 For 35 years we have patiently experienced in our first degree to develop a number of techniques, they seemed adventurous originally turn out now as likely to give new life to normal and daily practice of our classes.

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